Failed to load netty-tcnative


I am getting this DEBUG exception when I run the simulation tests. I don’t see this exception in my local mac machine, it’s showing up only in jenkins. In jenkins, though it’s throwing below exceptions the tests are progressing with few user requests timing out. can someone point me what’s missing here as I am new to gatling?

My environment(gradle project) details:

gatling(open source): -------- io.gatling.gradle version “3.6.1”

java:---------- jdk 1.8

Honestly no idea.
Make sure you haven’t broken your deployment and accidentally removed the native library, or that you’re not running on a weird or fake Linux build (WSL?).

Thanks Stephane!!!
I see tests are running without any issues. Can I ignore these DEBUG exceptions?
is there a way to supress them?

You shouldn’t have DEBUG logs at all in the first place if you want to run load tests, this is a perf killer.
Either you’re missing a logback conf file or explicitly enable DEBUG logging.