Gatling - Influx DB configuration

Hi All,

Looking for a help. I am trying to configure gatling with Influx DB, the configuration is working fine as I can see results data in InfluxDB when I am using the command - SHOW MEASUREMENTS but I am not able to see any thing when using the command SELECT * FROM gatling . I have set rootPathPrefix = “gatling” in gatling configuration file. You can find the configuration of gatling and influxDB below . I am not sure if I am missing anything . Any help is much appreciated.

Screenshot of Influxdb :

Gatling configuration:
graphite {
light = false # only send the all* stats
host = “localhost” # The host where the Carbon server is located
port = 2003 # The port to which the Carbon server listens to (2003 is default for plaintext, 2004 is default for pickle)
protocol = “tcp” # The protocol used to send data to Carbon (currently supported : “tcp”, “udp”)
rootPathPrefix = “gatling” # The common prefix of all metrics sent to Graphite
bufferSize = 8192 # Internal data buffer size, in bytes
writePeriod = 1 # Write period, in seconds

InfluxDB configuration :


Determines whether the graphite endpoint is enabled.

enabled = true
database = “gatlingdb”
retention-policy = “”
bind-address = “:2003”
protocol = “tcp”
consistency-level = “one”


Hi there

Your Gatling config file need another piece of configuration :slight_smile:

data {
writers = [console, file, graphite]

graphite {
light = false
host = "localhost"
port = 2003
protocol = "tcp"
rootPathPrefix = "gatling"
bufferSize = 8192
writePeriod = 1

The “data” section of the Gatling.config file gets the “graphite” item added to “console,file”, this means that data from Gatling will be sent to “console”, “file” and “graphite”

Graphite send data to InfluxDB

Please let me know if that worked :+1: