Graphite output


I have a Gatling test whose output I want to write to Influxdb v1.8 (on an EC2 instance) using the graphite datawriter. I’ve confirmed the graphite configuration in Influxdb is up and working but gatling doesn’t seem to even write anything.

My gatling.conf

data {
writers = [console, graphite] # The list of DataWriters to which Gatling write simulation data (currently supported : console, file, graphite)
console {
#light = false # When set to true, displays a light version without detailed request stats
#writePeriod = 5 # Write interval, in seconds
file {
#bufferSize = 8192 # FileDataWriter’s internal data buffer size, in bytes
leak {
#noActivityTimeout = 30 # Period, in seconds, for which Gatling may have no activity before considering a leak may be happening
graphite {
light = false # only send the all* stats
host = “” # The host where the Carbon server is located
port = 2003 # The port to which the Carbon server listens to (2003 is default for plaintext, 2004 is default for pickle)
protocol = “tcp” # The protocol used to send data to Carbon (currently supported : “tcp”, “udp”)
rootPathPrefix = “gatling” # The common prefix of all metrics sent to Graphite
bufferSize = 8192 # Internal data buffer size, in bytes
writePeriod = 1 # Write period, in seconds

Is there an error on my end? Thanks in advance


My first impression is that your configuration is right.

But are you sure that your gatling run can access to the graphite host? (AWS configuration about vpc and subnet can be difficult at times)
Did you configure your graphite server?

Is it possible to debug what the graphite datawriter does? Is it stored in a log file?

When I manually type in in my browser, the influxd instance does respond (albeit with a parse error) while running a Gatling test doesn’t seem to reach the server.