Gatling JMS Getting java.lang.InterruptedException from JmsReqReplyAction after simulation is finished and the test doesn't stop and is trying to receive messages in a loop

Hi everybody,
I am using Gatling JMS to test the application which uses ActiveMQ as MOM broker
I am facing issue where the scenario below:

val scn = scenario(“jms test scenario”).repeat(1) {
jms(“jms req”)

Executes successfully with generated report at the end, but I am getting java.lang.InterruptedException in JmsReqReplyAction

Simulation finished
14:57:21.191 [ERROR] i.g.j.JmsReqReplyAction - java.lang.InterruptedException
14:57:21.192 [DEBUG] o.a.a.ActiveMQMessageConsumer - remove: ID:N0919-59178-1459429039164-1:1:2:1, lastDeliveredSequenceId:153
14:57:21.194 [TRACE] o.a.a.t.PooledTaskRunner - Shutdown timeout: org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQSessionExecutor@662db7e0 task: {}
Parsing log file(s)…
Parsing log file(s) done
Generating reports…

Please provide a reproducer (scenario + JMS app) so we can investigate.