Gatling Recorder does not work


i configured all the Gatling set for recording when i start the recorder it not capture any request and getting warning like
[WARN ] i.n.b.ServerBootstrap - Unknown channel option ‘TCP_NODELAY’ for channel ‘[id: XXXXXXXXX]’.
some one pls advice on this.


Well, I think you didn’t all configs.
What is the Java Version?
Where is placed the gatling folder?
Are you recording under HTTPS?

Java 1.7
gatling folder placed under play folder.
same config capture the recording in opera but it`s not recorded in firefox.

Well. I don’t know the answer.
Keep recording on Opera!
When I face an insoluble problem , I record the navigation to a HAR archive, Then I import it in Gatling.

My2cents: the hostname you want to hit is listed in the “no proxy for” settings in your browser.