Help Troubleshooting High CPU Usage during Load Tests

Hi There Stéphane,

I’m currently using Gatling splitting load injection using multiple pods in a k8s infra, but I’m facing intermittent issues. Basically for some tests load injectors are consuming a lot of cpu and k8s kills them. I have no cpu limits configured for these load injectors and can’t understand what can causing the issue.

Load test profile is the same during the test.

Response payloads have ~2MB and I’m performing 2 jsonpath over the response as follows:
jsonPath("$.element[?(@.type == ‘TYPE_A’)].links[?(@.rel == ‘next’)].href").findRandom.optional.saveAs(“hrefA”),
jsonPath("$.channels[?(@.type == ‘TYPE_B’)].links[?(@.rel == ‘next’)].href").findRandom.optional.saveAs(“hrefB”)

Could this be the cause for this scenario?
There is some debug I can perform in load injector side to troubleshoot this?

Thanks for your help,
Nuno Marcos


Deploying Gatling into k8s clusters is something that we cover in Gatling Enterprise.
I’m afraid we can’t help with home made setups.