Highcharts license


we are creating a tool which depends on gatling and gatlng-highcharts artifacts.
This tool is a command line binary that eases the launch of Gatling simulations developed to test our open-source project obm.org .

You can see the man documentation at http://www.obm.org/docs/obm-load-testing/obm-load-testing-man.html

We did not released the tool yet as there still licensing issues to resolve but we usually distribute our software under debian and rpm packages.

We see this packaging as a redistribution of Gatling and your website states that we should not redistribute gatling-highcharts in a “bundled tool” but it’s not clear for us what you mean by “bundle”. Do you think that our debian (and rpm) packaging would violates the license ? Do you see others way to bundle our tool that would conform to highcharts license ?

Thanks for your help and for developing Gatling which is a great tool !


No, our license terms for this module won’t let you repackage.
The only thing that’s possible is to script the bundle download, but afaik that’s not possible with deb or rpm.

Highsoft is simply not open-source friendly.
The best solution would be to have a report module based on an open-source javascript library, but we (core committers) simply have neither time nor front end skills.
Contributions welcome :slight_smile:



Thanks for your quick reply,

We already think about contribute to replace highchart by another open-source javascript chart library.
… unfortunately it seems to be a too long work and as you, we can’t spend time on it and we are not skilled enough in front end development to make it quickly!

We will try to find an elegant solution to depend on highchart rather than package it.

Thanks again and long life to Gatling!