how to fix j.u.c.TimeoutException: Request timeout to not-connected after 1 (100.0%) 60000 ms error

Hi ,

I am getting following error for some of the requests.

The request takes more then 3 minutes to complete.

I have updated the gatling.conf file ti increase the timeout

connectionTimeout = 6000000
idleConnectionInPoolTimeoutInMs = 6000000
idleConnectionTimeoutInMs = 6000000
webSocketIdleTimeoutInMs = 6000000
requestTimeout =6000000
readTimeout = 6000000

I even tried passing as cmd line args
mvn gatling:execute -Dgatling.http.connectionTimeout=1200000 -Dgatling.http.requestTimeoutInMs=3000000

Please can you let me know how can i resolve this issue.


Gatling version is 2.2.4

I don’t think you have the correct config going. Should be -Dgatling.http.ahc.requestTimeout=300000. Note the ahc and that it is requestTimeout instead of requestTimeoutInMs. I’m using the gatling sbt plugin and it has a command that copies over the gatling configs to my test resource folders. I’m going off of what I see in that file. But you can also check this out: