java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Request timed out to of 60000 ms

Why I only test 1 user to run script, got error java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException, how to set time out in configure file.

Getting a TimeoutException with only one user sounds like a bug, either in Gatling or your set up.
timeouts can be configured in ahc section in gatling.conf, but I doubt this would fix your issue.

Which version of Gatling do you use? Did you try to upgrade to latest version? Do you have a stacktrace (you maybe have to lower logging level in logback.xml)?

I use gatling RC4. later i will modify gatling.conf.

Hi Stéphane
I have modified the following values in ahc section in gatling.conf
#requestTimeout = 180000
But when I run 1 user repeat 5, the following error also is displayed:

java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Request timed out to of 60000 ms

Another way to resolve the issue?

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  • change the value in gatling.conf (don’t forget to uncomment the line and remove the #).

I guess I’ll move the comment inside a warning block.

Hi Stéphane
I have remove # before of requestTimeout = 180000, it also can not work.
one request of search from db is over 60 seconds.
1 user repeat scenario 5 times, when running 3, the fourth running will be failed.

So the error you get now shows a 180.000ms timeout, right?

Then, there’s obviously a bug in your application: increasing to timeout over 60s (which is already huge) is like shooting the messenger.
No sane user would be satisfied with waiting 60s for a page.

Hi Stéphane
I mean config is invalid after i update request timeout to 180.000ms
if request timeout is 180.000ms, I will get error if request over 180.000ms, should not get error request over 60.000ms.


Actually if we increase the requestTimeout then it will effect the results na??Meaning we are explicitly saying gatling to allow that request so that in the graph it will pass,But in the real world

it will effect the performance…please clarify my doubt