How to understand the parameters for setup gatling.conf file

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I need you help.

I actually am working with gatling for testing performance on microservices with springboot. I am executing escenario with 30 users concurrently and the test generate the following errors: TimeoutException: Read timeout, HandShake time out, requestTimeOut.

I have a dude, what are the values for setup the gatling.conf file?


u have to increase read timeout default value .U can get the at the bottom of the config file

Go to the gatling config file and try to change these configurations and try

ahc {
connectTimeout = 1000000 # Timeout in millis for establishing a TCP socket
handshakeTimeout = 1000000 # Timeout in millis for performing TLS handshake
pooledConnectionIdleTimeout = 6000000 # Timeout in millis for a connection to stay idle in the pool
maxRetry = 5 # Number of times that a request should be tried again
requestTimeout = 6000000 # Timeout in millis for performing an HTTP request
enableSni = true # When set to true, enable Server Name indication (SNI)
#enableHostnameVerification = false # When set to true, enable hostname verification: SSLEngine.setHttpsEndpointIdentificationAlgorithm(“HTTPS”)
#useInsecureTrustManager = true # Use an insecure TrustManager that trusts all server certificates
#filterInsecureCipherSuites = true # Turn to false to not filter out insecure and weak cipher suites
sslEnabledProtocols = [TLSv1.2, TLSv1.1, TLSv1] # Array of enabled protocols for HTTPS, if empty use the JDK defaults
sslEnabledCipherSuites = [] # Array of enabled cipher suites for HTTPS, if empty use the AHC defaults
sslSessionCacheSize = 0 # SSLSession cache size, set to 0 to use JDK’s default
sslSessionTimeout = 0 # SSLSession timeout in seconds, set to 0 to use JDK’s default (24h)
#disableSslSessionResumption = false # if true, SSLSessions won’t be resumed
#useOpenSsl = true # if OpenSSL should be used instead of JSSE
#useNativeTransport = false # if native transport should be used instead of Java NIO (requires netty-transport-native-epoll, currently Linux only)
#enableZeroCopy = true # if zero-copy upload should be used if possible
#tcpNoDelay = true
#soReuseAddress = false
#allocator = “pooled” # switch to unpooled for unpooled ByteBufAllocator
#maxThreadLocalCharBufferSize = 200000 # Netty’s default is 16k

i hope it will help you

Hi Abhishek and Kalyan, thanks for the help.

Now, I have the doubt about, What are the ideal configurations or What should be present for the correct steps on gatling.conf?

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

What are you trying to achieve exactly?
Why do you think the default configuration is not good enough for you?
Beware to not go “I have bad numbers, so let’s try to find some tuning in the test tool so they look better”, there’s a far greater chance that Gatling is more efficient than your system under test.

Hi Stephane

I would like to understand, what are the correct setups for test my system. Please, whats will be the recommendations for setup the tool and why? :confused:

I want to understand how to do the tunning the tool?

I am triying simulate 30 users per sec doing request for operatiosn insert, selects, and delete,

Please, What could be your recommendations for me?

Thanhs so much.

Hi Giovanni,

I think the recommendation would be the use the provided configuration :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

Siegfried Goeschl