Intellij IDEA development environment set up to contribute

Could someone describe the procedure to start developing Gatling using Intellij IDEA?
Thank you

Pierre is more the IntelliJ expert here, so he might provide better explanations.

With IntelliJ 13, you just need to install the Scala plugin.
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Then, in order to build, I don’t know if IntelliJ ships sbt, or if you have to install it yourself an run it from the command line.
Run sbt, then ;compile;publishLocal in order to build.

Beware that if you want to build the bundle, you’ll have to clone the other gatling-highcharts project.


Working on Gatling with IntelliJ 13 is only two steps away :

  • As Stéphane suggested, you need to install the Scala plugin available in Jetbrains repositories and restart
  • Go to File → Import module, select the directory in which you cloned Gatling, choose to import from external model and select “SBT project”.
  • On the next page, check “Enable auto-import” and finish
  • Give IntelliJ a few minutes to import the project and you’re good to go !

If you’re using IntelliJ 12, I suggest that you get IntelliJ 13 Community Edition.
Ultimate Edition is not required for Scala development and the Scala plugin has been improved a lot in IntelliJ 13 (SBT support is just one of those improvements).



Thank you for your help!

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Hi Pierre,
Do you know how to make the intelligent complete work in Intellij IDEA when developing gatling?

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