Is it possible to override gatling.conf with a new file ?


Is it possible to specify, in command line, another config.conf to execute with ?
For example, I want to run gatling with a command like this :

mvn gatling:execute -DlistOfWS=test -DconfigFile=gatling2.conf

or maybe :

mvn gatling:execute -DlistOfWS=test -DconfigFolder=/src/test/resources2

Here the version I use :


Both command seems to doesn’t work.

I try to add -Dgatling.conf.file=gatling-special.conf but it seems that it’s only for 3.0+ version.

Is there another solution ?

No. That’s the right way with Gatling 3 and there’s no way with Gatling 2 (that has been dead for 2 years now).

Alright, so we’ll migrate to 3.3.