Jdbc Connection and stored value

Hi gatling team,
Use: Gatling java

  1. How do I execute a SQL SELECT and save the result ?
  2. How can use the saved result into another sql UPDATE ?


There is a third party plugin (not supported here): Gatling - Third Party Plugins

I see, it do not have UPDATE function support

Hello there,

What Sebastien meant is the Jbdc plugin that you’re using is a third party plugin not managed by Gatling. This community is not meant for support of 3rd party applications.

However, if you look here you can find the plugin code: Jdbc Connection and stored value - #3 by luckyvasul

Reading the code you can see using either query or rawSql or batchUpdate will work for your use case.

I would kindly ask that you read the code and try their for 3rd party plugins in the future.

All the best,

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