ws.sendText not reflected in the report

Hey Guys,

I’m fairly new to websockets so my apolagies if I understand it wrong.

I have a scenario where I connect to a websocket, send some textmessages and validate the response. this scenario works fine when I look at the runner in debug mode, also none of the checks fail.

However in the final report I do not see any data on the sendText step but I do on the checkText step. is this normal behavior? or is there a way to get data of all steps in the report?

I will include my scenario below.


def connectToSocket = scenario("connectToSocket")
  .exec(ws("Connect WS")
    .connect("wss://"+envOrElse("BASE_URL", "url")+"/path to socket")
    exec(ws("TestMessage WS")
                      "subscription": {
                        "something": ["something", "something"]
      .await(30 seconds)(
        ws.checkTextMessage("checkName").check(regex(".*\"message\":\"subscription applied\".*"))
      .exec { session =>
  .exec(ws("Close WS")


as you can see in the final results output of the runner there is no mention of the sendText step

That was indeed a bug, thanks for reporting!

Happy that I was able to contribute!

Any estimation on when this fix will be deployed?

At least one month from now.