Naming test executions

Hey guys one thing that I've started to want for is some way to track
some information about my tests. I've been doing JVM tuning for one
of our services so there are a million different variables that go
into each test and I've run them a ton of times. But what I end up
with is a folder full of directories named (I imagine) by timestamp.
So the only way I can really keep track of which test is which is to
keep a text file with entry after entry like:

-Xms8000m -Xmx8000m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m
1500 ramp 300

JVM_TUNING_OPTS='-XX:+CMSClassUnloadingEnabled -XX:+AggressiveOpts'
JVM_DEFAULT_OPTS='-Xms8000m -Xmx8000m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m'

Which is obviously kind of unwieldy. Some of this is inevitable but I
think it would really help if I could somehow control the name of the
result folder. Like in my test itself add some config that will
prepend a string to the output folder. This might already exist but I
haven't seen it mentioned in the docs. This would allow me to at
least look at the results folder and tell different kinds of test
results apart. So instead of the above I could maybe have output
folders like:


I'm not sure of the best method but something to differentiate would
make tracking easier. This could also make the recorder a little
easier if I could set a name string to prepend to recording sessions.
It's not as a big a deal there as I don't record a ton of tests but
when I do it can be hard to tell which is which.

Secondly would it be possible to display the # of users and ramp in
the result dashboard somehow? I'm not sure where in the UI makes the
most sense but it would also help keep things straight. On a somewhat
related note it would be really great if there was some way to add
something like a description to a test execution. Again not too sure
what form it would take but might be nice to have. What I've started
doing is just exposing all test executions via Nginx so it would be
super cool if I could just navigate into one and know what the
settings may have been for that test. Often times I'm running the
same test dozens of times a day tweaking little things here and there.


Hi Chris,

We don’t currently provide a way for doing this.
If I sum up :

  1. We could enrich the interactive menu to let people configure :
  2. the short name of the simulation run that would become the folder name (with of course a cli option to bypass this menu)
  3. the long name of the simulation run that would be displayed on the reports (not pretty sure yet where to display this)1. We should let people configure in the recorder the name of the simulation file
    Is that OK with you?
    If so, I’ll open 2 issues and have them fixed for 1.1.


2012/2/16 Chris Carrier <>

That sounds great.


I’ve just opened the following issues :



2012/2/16 Chris Carrier <>

Just to let you know, I’ve just pushed a fix for 416.



2012/2/16 Stéphane Landelle <>