No Scala SDK in module

Whenever I update my POM.xml file for Scala version, I get this error “No Scala SDK in module”
I tried adding in module but no help. How to fix this issue? Any help would be appreciated.

You just have to click on the “Setup Scala SDK” link in the top right side of the top message bar.

Note: as you’re a beginner, you really should go with Gatling Java instead of Gatling Scala. You wouldn’t have any extra installation to perform.

Thanks @slandelle. Yes this is what I am doing everytime clicking on setup Scala SDK. But if I update the pom.xml again and it starts setting up new dependency, this error appears again. Do I need to take any extra step to install Scala?.

Actuality I have used Gatling 4 years ago and now starting to explore again. I have this old project created 4 years ago and now tweaking this to run it again. I needed to do many adjustments because a lot has changed in Gatling since then.

No, you should have anything else to do.

You should probably first upgrade your IntelliJ installation and the Scala plugin itself.
And then if you’re still facing an issue, ask on the IntelliJ forum about your issue with their Scala plugin:

Sorry, but nothing we can do to help here.

Thanks, I figured it out. No Scala SDK found error was coming because I didn’t add the Scala lang dependancy in the maven pom.xml file.

After adding this dependency, it works fine. But just would like know that this dependency is not added in Github Scala demo project as well, So I thought it is not needed.

You shouldn’t have to do this every time, only the first time. This dependency is pulled transitively by Gatling.
You probably have an issue with your IntelliJ installation/version.

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