Packaging problem in latest SNAPSHOT?

Greetings –

I have a project that depends on 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT and noticed that my build broke. While past breaks were caused by the evolution of the various packages and thus a matter of finding the right package, this time it looks like I’m dealing with something different. As far as I could tell the implicit conversions from ValidationImplicits are no longer in scope (could fix the compilation problems by explicitly calling stringToExpression). I traced it back to io.gatling.commons.Exclude missing from the JAR IntelliJ pulled in. This object does exist in the source tree and I’ve been able to build against locally published JARs so I suspect a transient issue… Perhaps someone could confirm that?



Yeah, this has been happening for 2 days and breaks our build on the sbt plugin:
No idea what goes wrong there, as, as you noticed, everything builds fine locally.

It seems like Travis or Sonatype fails to update the gatling-commons snapshot:

OK, that’s hilarious…
ScalaDoc was choking on a valid name (starting with $$) and causing deployment of gatling-commons to fail.
Should be fine now.

Great, thank you for looking into this. I did see the Scaladoc error but didn’t think that it would impact the deployment of the JAR; go figure!