Problem when trying to display an applet

Hello everyone,

Question from a Gatling newbie here. I am having some issues trying to use the recorder on a java web application. I can start the recorder, log in to the app, go from pages to pages without issue, and this is recorded on Gatling as it is supposed to be, but when I try to go on a page where there is an applet, I face an error and the applet doesn’t display itself. The webapp works as expected if I use it without the recorder.
Do you have any ideas on what could be causing this behavior?
The webapp is using a java 1.6 (and let’s be fair, it is kinda a legacy application) and is hosted by our client.

Thank you in advance.

No idea and honestly, we’ve never tested Java applets with our Recorder.

Java applet is indeed a legacy technology. IIRC it’s now deprecated and will be dropped in a future Java version.

Also I forgot to mention that we must use a Firefox version 3.0.9 in order to access it.

Maybe try using HAR mode instead of the proxy one.