Is ramprate() not in use anymore with in Gatling 2.1.3?

I am using this injection profile now:


setUp(scn.inject(rampUsersPerSec(0.1) to (25) during (5 minutes)).protocols(httpConf))


but I see some posts contains examples with rampRate() instead.

ramprate() does not come as I suggestion when I start typing ramp… in my IDE.

Does it make any difference to use ramprate() instead of my injection profile above?


That’s rampUsersPerSec’s old Gatling 1 name.

Even then, it was ramp(), and not ramprate().
Honestly, I don’t see where those people managed to find a ramprate() method…

No. ramp was for rampUsers and rampRate was for rampUsersPerSec, IIRC.

My bad : it did exist, the last version which used rampRate() was 2.0.0-M3a, which has been the latest available version for about a year.
This explains why you find many references to it.

Still, this method doesn’t exist anymore and is, like Stéphane said, simply the old name for rampUsersPerSec.

Ok, thanks!