Regarding recording the scenario's from HAR file (Need quick response)

Hi team,

Is it possible to perform load testing with multiple scenarios with the help of the HAR file at one time?
By multiple scenarios I mean to say that:
For example:

  1. Open any website
  2. Click on the login button
  3. Enter the email id and password
  4. Click on the login button to login into the respective website
  5. Then click on any of the links
  6. Then again click on any other link

So my question is that can we achieve the load testing on the above steps by HAR files? if yes then on what basis load testing get performed on all of the above steps? and if no then how will we achieve the same?

Thank you

Thank you Sanjeeb but I’m still not getting my answer

Please help me out

I suspect you’re trying to directly replay a HAR record and directly generate load from that.
First, you might not be able to replay the raw recording if you have security tokens such as nonce => you need to implement checks to capture dynamic data so they can pass it to the next requests.
Then, the “any other” means you have to introduce some level of randomness, again not something you can possibly have from the raw recording. Note: you indeed absolutely must have this so that you don’t hammer the same page over and over again and actually load test your caches.

In short: use the recorder as a tool to get you started and figure out the requests and responses, you then have to edit the raw recording and build your actual test.