Testing of Website having login page

How to test the website having login page as entry point? Will the HAR file can read the login credentials?

You need to figure out the HTTP requests used by your login process: HTML form posting, Ajax request… Indeed, the recorder (proxy or HAR mode) can help. You’ll have to fIgure out where the parameters come from (eg xsrf tokens) to you can capture them (check + saveAs) and use them from your logIn requests.

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It is normal Login page and user is entering the username and password. There is no AJAX and other parameters. It is normal PHP web application. In this case, will HAR file be able to record the username and password as well?

Yes. Have you given it a try?

Yes, it is working fine. This basic simulation, are all requests hit the application
parallelly/Simultaneously or serially? If I want to make it parallelly then how can I achieve it?

You should really take some time to go through the tutorials and the online courses.

Suppose, I have given 50 number of users which are going to use the application during the Gatling tool Testing. That means 50 users load on the website. I want these 50 users keep hitting the website for an hour continuously. Means, if one user perform 4 tasks (Add, update, delete, search ) then it should not stop after the completion of task but should keep doing same task for an hour or two hours. Is there any parameter where we can set the duration so that the work load keep hitting the website for such long duration? Also all these users hit website simultaneously at the same time? I have checked docs but didn’t get the parameter where we can set the duration.

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