Response time display empty

Is anyone seeing in response time empty? There is data shown only if I hover over it, otherwise it shows empty. I tried both chrome and ff.

(shows empty if my mouse if not on the graph)

(shows the data when my mouse is on it)

All the lines overlay. Click on the mean legend to disable this legend.

Here i have only 99% enabled, the graph still shows empty

Please share your simulation.log.
And make sure you really should have a line (not one single request so one single plot).

Thanks Stephane, I’ve attached the simulation.log.
It is 4 requests, so maybe that’s why. But should I expect to see 4 dots? Like if I hover over on the graph, I can see it, but if my mouse if not over the graph, then the dot was not displayed

simulation.log (3.71 KB)

It’s not an issue.
This chart displays broken lines, meaning lines between consecutive plots that are broken with holes when you don’t have consecutive plots.
Your data is so scarce that, except at the beginning or your test, you never have consecutive plots.