run gatling file in eclispe

I am trying to run a gatling test file in eclipse.
I am using the version of eclipse with Scala integration.
I also have Maven configured in eclipse as well(I hope)

The problem is I am trying to run a gatling.scala file in eclipse. I created the scala file outside of eclispe by runing the recorder tool.

When I try to run the the file I get
Error: Could not find or load main class com.excilys.ebi.gatling.highcharts.test

My project explorer looks like this( see attached file)

EclipseExplorer.docx (37.5 KB)

  1. I don’t know how you got those, but src.main, src.test, target and target.surefire shouldn’t be source folders
  2. You have an error on the project (red closs), this has to be fixed first
  3. The class you have to launch is Engine, not your Simulation

Hi Ben,

Gatling simulations are not runnable by themselves, you’ll need to start Gatling then select which simulation you like to run.

I guess you are using the Maven archetype?
If that is the case, run the ‘Engine’ class in src/test/scala, then select your recorded simulation to run it.



Then, DON’T USE 2M3!!!
This was a milestone we published 1 year and a half ago. It’s neither supported nor documented.
You won’t be able to get any significant help here if you go with this version!