Teamcity launch via sbt


There was a problem with running tests on Teamcity, when trying to run a tool through sbt with the command:

Gatling/testOnly pathToTest it first runs Gatling/testOnly (which runs all the tests in general), and then tries to run pathToTest and, as expected, gives an error


“Gatling/testOnly pathToTest” if wrapped in quotes, it gives an error about incorrect syntax and that it expects the command to close instead of a space (triple quotes have the same effect)

Any thoughts on how to get sbt to ignore the space or read the path to the test? Or just do something differently?


We don’t have any Gatling open source TeamCity plugin (we do have a Gatling Enterprise TeamCity plugin).
So I guess you are running the sbt runner plugin on TeamCity.

Do you successfully run show version sbt command through TeamCity?
If not, this has nothing to do with Gatling.


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Yes, through the TeamCity scala plugin, unfortunately show version also gives an error for a space, but when compiled it displays version 1.7.1. Thanks anyway