Test user several number of user registrations

I want to test several number of user registrations.
There is ajax call for adding user to db, which i have specified in gatling.
I have provided the user details, and the url.
But I dont see real entries getting added to Database user table, after i run gatling.bat file.
How are the reports generated then, if user entry is not getting added to to database table?
Oe am I missing something?

.formParam(""“user-name”"", “”“testuser1@mail78.com”"")
.formParam(""“user-email”"", “”“testuser2@mail78.com”"")
.formParam(""“user-password”"", “”“testpass123"”")
.formParam(""“user-confirmpassword”"", “”“testpass123"”")
.formParam(""“user-telephonenumber”"", “”“8734392323"”")

Thanks in advance for reply/help

You’re the only one who can figure this out.
Usually, registration process requires clicking on some link in a confirmation email…

That was a quick response. Thanks.:slight_smile:

In my case, there is no confirmation email.
User gets added to user table in database, once the values are posted to the URL.

If I run the test, the gatling will post the supplied param values to the given url and generate report based on response?
or till which action, the gatling will generate report?

Gatling is not Selenium and doesn’t drive a browser. It’s an HTTP client. So it has nothing to do with what you call “actions”, it sends HTTP requests.