Testing GWT-RPC Application

Hi Group,

We currently have an application based on Google Web Kit which has the modified requests making it hard for us to find the correlate some variables. I was wondering if anyone had worked with Gatling+GWT and tacked this before.

I am copying a sample request from another forum as an example -

The requests for geniuswiki looks like (http://www.geniuswiki.com/page) -

7|0|5|http://www.geniuswiki.com/gwtpage/|0624EB2D417666E544D36FBFBA6E1831| com.edgenius.wiki.gwt.client.server.PortalController|getDashboard |Z|1|2|3|4|1|5|0|

The Response looks like -

//OK[14,16499,13,12,0,9,9,0,0,0,0,9,9,11,10,0,0,0,0,9,9,8,6,7,6,1,5,4,3,2,2,0,1, [“com.edgenius.wiki.gwt.client.model.RenderMarkupModel /3648883652”,“java.util.ArrayList/4159755760”,“com.edgenius.wiki.gwt.client.model.MacroModel /453643445”,“portal”,“java.util.HashMap/1797211028”,“java.lang.String /2004016611”,“showlogo”,“true”,"",“com.edgenius.wiki.gwt.client.model.TextModel /1981019746”,"
",“demo gwt”,“java.lang.Integer/3438268394”,“demogwt”],0,7]

Appreciate the help as always.


No, there’s no official support for GWT-RPC in Gatling, and no third party I’m aware of.
It would be possible to implement one, but it’s not a priority.
IIRC, GWT-RPC is a legacy technology, GWT board is now driven by the Vaadin people and Vaadin now uses regular JSON.

Support for legacy technologies requires extra effort while community demand is rare, so you’ll usually only find commercial modules.
We’re no exception here, we’d only spend time implementing an open-source support for GWT-RPC if someone was willing to sponsor the development of this feature.


Thanks for the response Stéphane. Appreciate the quick reply.

Note that you can probably be able to find out some of the values when they are in plain text.