WebSocket logger is logging everything even if DEBUG was set


During tests with Websockets I found that, even if logger: io.gatling.http.action.ws.fsm is set to DEBUG Level all data is logged - every message, every matching response etc
Shouldn’t it write only those messages where check or matching not meet requirements?

Gatling ver 3.7.6


a little old version of Gatling - consider upgrade.

As is in documentation (Gatling - WebSocket) this logger give possibility to “inspect WebSocket traffic” so I think he do his best giving almost everything :slight_smile:

It’s old, but unfortunately at the moment I don’t have time to check if simulation.log format was changed. Im using my own scripts to gather trend from my tests, based on Gatling’s logs but I have it on my backlog to update version to the latest one.

Regarding “inspect WebSocket traffic” - if it’s a proper behaviour worth to add this to documentation. During my tests Im logging only failed requests to a file, so whole traffic from WS is making a mess

I make a quick look intro code and wondering what will print you ERROR level:


Link is not working :slight_smile:

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srsly?I was :smiley:

Nevermind I checked with ERROR level and still who traffic during WS were logged

I think you can suggest Feature request for it :slight_smile:

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