Gatling 1.5.x vs 2

Apologies if this is common knowledge, but a quick glance through the archives and wiki don’t help explain…but is 2.0 a dead branch? The last release was 7 months ago, while 1.5 seems alive and well with regular updates and releases.

Look at the numbers of commits :wink:

The 2.0 branch is alive and kicking, we will do a release soon. We took some time to do core changes and create a new documentation system.


Any ETA on a release?

Just a few pending PR to finalize and merge, testing (a lot), finalizing documentation, publish new site and here we go.
Best way to make it happen faster is to help!

How can one help? Seems like there is only one outstanding issue in GitHub. Where is the documentation work being tracked?

Most people don’t judge a project by the number of commits.
It is judged by the docs, updated wikis, and the number/frequency of releases.

  • How easy is it to install.

  • How easy is it to include in my build (maven, gradle, ant, sbt).

  • How easy is it to use.

  • How good are the docs.

Also, it seems very difficult to git pull the project and build it.

sbt dist produces a distribution without jar files.

I guess if it were easy to install and build that would be a saving grace, but it is not.

Also since the world is still not all Scala, it would seem a simple description of “how do you build a distribution” would be nice in lieu of more frequent releases.

My initial reaction to finding that the last 2.0 release was 7 months ago was the same as Hani’s reaction.
Since I know Stephane, I knew the project was alive, but you would not know by looking at the gatling website.

No criticism intended. Time flies I suppose. And perhaps you were busy supporting 1.5, and what not.

You guys are much better at me at OS.