Metrics are sent to InfluxDB at scenario level and not at the method/transaction/request level which are under the scenario file.

Hi All,

I have a test Scenario with different steps included in the same scenario.scala file… something like below

class Login(fileName: String) {

object Login {

val uri1 = Config.uri1
val usersfeed = csv(fileName).circular

val createReq = scenario(“Authentication”)
.pace(20 seconds)


I have configures Graphite and InfluxDB for realtime monitoring.

In Influxdb i am able to see metric at the object level and not at the method level which are called under the same class/object. So considering above example in InfluxDB/Grafan i am able to plot graph at Login or say Scenario(Authentication) level but metric for individual methods/request like Login,Logout are not visible.

Am i doing something wrong here…how do i get metric for each transaction under a same .scala test scenario script.

Thanks in advance