IntelliJ Gatling 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT relative paths to data files

I am using Gatling 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT inside IntelliJ, it was build with maven archetype.
My dirs structure is:

  • main/
  • resources/
  • data/
  • xxx.csv
  • scala/
  • simulations/
  • MySimulation.scala
  • test/
  • resources/
  • gatling.conf etc.
  • scala/
  • Engine etc.

I would like to use xxx.csv file in my simulations like csv(“xxx.csv”).random, but ofc by default it doesn’t working. According to documentation I should put everything into user-files/data or /simulations… But I was able to change gatling.conf (directory.simulations property) file and say that my simulation files are in src/main/scala/simulations (simulations = src/main/scala/simulations) directory (notice that I am using relative path to the project root). I would like to do something similar with data files, I have tried to change and directory.requestsBodies properties in gatling.conf but it doesn’t working. Any idea?

ok, it’s a matter of settings in IDEHelper, thx all!

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